5 top games to play with your friends

Playing games with friends is great entertainment and fun. For playing the games, there are several online options to play with friends. In addition, there are also having various benefits such as playing games with friends decreasing the level of stress, and also boosting the confidence level. Here, some best games are described in the following paragraphs.

Football games

It is the best way to spend time with friends and have fun. The game of foosball table is a more excited and relaxing indoor game. In addition, it is available at an affordable price and needs less effort to play. Moreover, the football game on the table is also increasing the competitive skill and play whenever the player has time.

Jack box games

It is a more popular game and the most interesting thing is that you can play a jack box game with your friends. In addition, in this game, there are various questions related to the culture and you have to answer those questions as much as possible. So, the jack box is a very interesting game, and it works as a stress buster for the players.

Mine craft game

Minecraft is one of eth popular online games. Most people give preference to playing this game. In addition, if you want to play this game with friends then players can join the different computers to play the game. Taking about the benefits of these games, the player can increase the ability to conflict management and also decrease the level of stress. While playing the mine craft game, you have to use the creative code to perform well in the game and compete with friends.

 Pokémon go

This is also a type of online game that can be played with friends. In which you have to walk around the neighbor, house to collect the hidden Pokémon. The game uses the GPS and clock of your mobile. You can also create a friend list and engage with the friends to perform well in the game. Apart from this, you can also use the other features to play the game and avoid concentrating on the obstacles.

Exploding kittens

This game gives the ability to play online with strangers and friends. In addition, to play the kitten game players have to draw the cards until someone defuses the card. Apart from this, to defuse the cards there are some tricks are followed by the players like laser printers, belly rub, and many more. Players can also mitigate and avoid the exploding kittens.


This is a popular military game and players shoot the enemies in this game by using the different types of features. There are also having various versions of halo games like halo2, halo3, halo wars and fire team raven, and many more. The player can play the halo movie with friends and you can also control the game. Moreover, you can connect with friends in the game by Xbox Live. With the help of this game, you can stay in touch with friends.

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